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Narrogate Farm

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Narrogate Farm - Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Raw Honey

A.T. & Christy have been raising animals since their earliest years together. From pet goats in Louisiana to Nanny the famous milking/riding goat in Alaska, they have devoted the past forty plus years to animal husbandry. After purchasing 50 acres of Virginia's Blue Ridge, they have carved out a charming farm for their growing family of animals. Beef cattle are the primary residents, with a herd topping out at about twelve head. Buttercup is a Jersey milk cow who pays her dues in butter and creme fraiche, SweetPea is a Scotch Highland who is primarily a hairy yard ornament and the rest of the herd is made up of breeding stock and steers to be butchered or sold. There is also a pastured pig who is confused about her species, thinking she is a cow. Five beehives keep the fields and flowers polinated and, ideally, make a great deal of local, raw honey.

Narrogate Woodworks & Design
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